What River Therapy Can We Do For You?

Open all year, seven days a week, all holidays.

Watercraft Rentals (Self-Guided)

All life vests and paddles included. Water safety lesson before launch.

Canoes (up to 5 hours)

1 – 5 canoes 40.00 each
5 – 10 canoes 35.00 each
Ten or more canoes -$30.00 each
One person kayaks, 5 hours-$35.00

tandem kayaks 40.00 ea

Row Boats

Row boat rentals-$40.00 for up to four hours, oars and life vests included. Enjoy an old fashioned experience by taking one of our row boats on River Canard. Looking for that perfect place to propose? Here’s an idea from Emma Wyatt Photography

15 Person Rowing Adventures

Rent the Canard Queen or Rebellion for your get together, up to 15 persons!
199.00.  for 2 hours
Instructions, paddles and life vests included.

large row boats

Paddleboards, (Stand and Paddle)

Catch the new wave of the fastest growing water sport, SUP. Experience the River Canard while standing on a board. It’s a great physical activity, like surfing and paddling together. Gives you incredible freedom to explore. Only $30 for 2 hours, each extra hour 10.00 Rental includes:

    • Board
    • Paddle
    • Life vest
  • Safety and usage lesson

Watercraft Rentals (Guided)

We have River Guides for hire who will teach you the basics of canoeing, canoeing safety and go out on the river with you. Guides cost $30.00 per hour in addition to your canoe rental costs, but well worth it. Let us help you design a trip with our guide.

Canoeing and Camping

Enjoy one of four secluded sites accessible only by canoe: Little Ridge Camp site, British Camp, Boy Scout Bush Camp, or Big Rock Camp site, each with a fire pit.


Note: These expeditions are outside of our basic canoe rentals

MOONFLOAT (every full moon)

Start out in late evening, watch the sun set on the Canard, then experience the moon’s arrival on utter calmness. Stay out till midnight or so – $20.00 includes canoe, paddles and personal floatation devices.


We drive you to your launch site upstream and drop you off in the wilderness at the river bank. Paddle through the forest. Portage at Wendats Pass and Splitlogs Portage Trail to get back. Bring provisions and picnic al fresco. There are rumors of a mysterious llama farm along the way. Are they true? Find out for yourself. – $40.00 per canoe. Includes shuttle, canoe, paddles and personal flotation devices.

Corporate Events
Canard Photo Safari
Ecology Tour
Girls Night Out
Ghost Tour
1812 History Tour
Custom Packages


For those who can’t seem to keep themselves away from the river, you need not worry because everyday can be a canoe day when you have a Seasonal Pass. Just $179 for the season, this pass is a real deal for anyone who loves to be on the water.

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